Estate in Burntisland

Our customer’s initial problem was not being able to achieve a comfortable temperature in the top floor of the Main House, lack of controllability in all 3 – buildings and a reported dangerous low gas pressure to the boilers in each building.

After we visited the properties and carried out some initial investigations we reported back to our client who agreed to carry out an upgrade of both the top floor radiators and parts of the gas distribution pipe-work thus curing the problems.

With regards to the controllability of the system we advised our client, after a very informative visit from our Honeywell Consultant, to opt for the latest Honeywell Evohome as this is the only system on the market capable of meeting the customer’s requirements.

Upon completion we had installed 3 – Honeywell Evohome Controllers, 60 – Digital Wireless Radiator Thermostats, 3 – Underfloor Heating Controllers, 11 – Wireless Room Stats and 3 – Hot Water Control Kits. This has given our client exactly what he had been seeking for years. He now has control of all 3 – buildings with it split into 26 – individually controllable heating timed and temperature zones and the 3 – hot water cylinders have the same controllability.

Although this sounds very complicated, it was installed with no damage to the structure or décor of the properties. Our client has simple control from the main Honeywell Evohome controllers but more often chooses to control them from his phone app. Another huge benefit in this particular project is that after a year of operation our client has almost halved his gas charges.

In 2015 we visited a private customer who had an estate containing a large 3 – storey residential property, an office building and an apartment.

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