Aberdour Golf Club

After a survey of the existing system we designed and installed a system using 3 – Worcester Bosch 40kw boilers which are joined together in what is known as a cascade system. This allowed us to join to the existing radiator system without the need for upgrades or disruption, thus allowing the club to carry on with its day to day operations. During the boiler installation the control system was modified to allow the control of different areas of the club at different times of the day. The hot water system was also upgraded by fitting a bespoke McDonald Engineers Unvented high pressure hot water system. This allows them to heat different amounts of hot water to meet the required demands and has improved hot water performance throughout the club house.

The combination of new high efficiency boilers and more control over the operation of the system has had a significant effect on their annual gas bills.

In 2010 our installation in Aberdour Golf Club won an Environment 2020 Award from Worcester Bosch. We are very proud to be one of a select few installers who have achieved this award in Scotland. Pictures marked Aberdour.

In 2009 we were asked to design and install new boilers for Aberdour Golf Club. Their main aim was to cut running costs and gain more control of their dated heating system.

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