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At Cooks we have been installing heating for over 85 years and have kept pace with the many changes within the industry to both products and installation design and techniques. We have achieved this with our affiliation to different organisations and by training our installation engineers on these new products, designs and techniques within Gas / Oil / LPG systems.


We supply our customers everything required from design to installation and on through the life of a system with on-going maintenance and repairs.
Each new boiler we install is fitted meeting the manufacturer’s requirements allowing us to offer you up to a 10 year warranty. If we are installing you a new boiler a Powerflush is carried out as part of the installation thus aiding the efficiency and reliability of your new boiler.
We specialise in fitting boilers into larger properties such as Golf Clubs, Churches and large domestic houses. This is often done by twining 2 or more regular domestic boilers together in what is referred to as a “Cascade System”. We can also marry up new modern condensing boilers to older one pipe systems with cast iron type radiators without costly upgrades to the original radiator pipe-work.


At Cooks we are particular about the products we use in our heating systems and designs. We use products based on what we have found to be reliable over the long term and those where the manufacturer has excellent after sales service.
Our preferred products are from the Worcester Bosch range of Gas / Oil / LPG boilers. After fitting Worcester products for 30 years we became a Worcester Bosch Gold Accredited Installer in 2005. This has led to additional benefits for our customers such as a potential 10 year warranty on their boiler installations.
We are now able to offer our customers boilers from the Intergas range. Having fitted the product on various projects for the last 10 – years we have now been appointed the Intergas Agent for your area meaning we have 95% of the spares in stock.
The next major step forward in maximising the efficiency of your heating system is with controllability. We have been working with Honeywell for over 30 years and have recently become a Honeywell Connected Specialist able to offer you the latest in controls from basic easy to operate controls to remote wireless connectivity systems.


A common problem with heating systems is dirt and sludge, they will make your system inefficient and unable to heat your house to the correct temperature. This dirt and sludge is often the result of poor design, installation or the system not being treated with the correct chemicals when installed.
The cure for dirt or sludging problems is to have your system chemically cleaned, powerflushed or a combination of both. We use Fernox (logo) products in dealing with these problems and for the long term protection of your system.
Filters are often fitted to a boiler / heating system but do not be misled into thinking they will clean your system. They only partially protect the boiler from metallic debris in the system. A filter is no substitute for ensuring the system is clean in the first place.
  • Fantastic team-always responded to all of my concerns.
    MAY 2017
  • This was completed from start to finish in a perfect manner.
    DECEMBER 2016
  • I am well pleased with all the work which was carried out, plus I would recommend them to my friends, which I already have. I have used this firm for the first time.
    AUG 2016

We are affiliated to a number of different organisations who themselves demand the highest levels of service and workmanship from members.

These organisations include:

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